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The Production Unit -History/Vitae

Toward Evening Brecht Found Me In The Garden Reading Capital
The Production Unit arranges a reading group of Das Kapital as part of the 5th Berlin Biennale, Kunst-Werke, Berlin, Germany.
Chto Delat/What’s to be done?
Seminar in Moscow, February 2008.

Contribution to Chto Delat/What’s to be done? -a debate on the avant-garde as part of the Documenta 12 Magazine project.
The Long Distance Runner Exhibition of our archive The Long Distance Runner at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen. The archive consists of research and projects concerning contemporary and historical political development; issues of censorship, national identity and language. The material include video installations, posters, sound recording, magazines, photographs and text produced by the group members as well as invited artists such as Josh McPhee, Carlos Motta, Jenny Perlin, Hito Steyerl and Ylva Westerlund.

Slowly learning to survive the desire to simplify
Symposium at IASPIS, Stockholm September 2006. A three day interdisciplinary symposium on the conditions and possibilities for the production of critical documents. In connection to the event we produced a reader as well as a film program that was screened in Oslo, Århus, Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm. The symposium was made with support of IASPIS, NIFCA and Nordiska Kulturfonden.
Hito Styerl - Politics of Truth and Documentarism in the Art Field
A one day workshop on the history of documentary film making; its history, political potential and role and influence on contemporary art. The workshop was held at Rooseum in Malmö, June 2006.
Schleuser.net and Gregor Noll
One day seminar and discussion with the artist group Schleuser.net and associate professor of international law at the Faculty of Law in Lund, Gregor Noll, on immigration politics, Illegal immigrants and undocumented traveling. The seminar was held at Rooseum in Malmö, April 2006.

Lens Politica
Participation in the panel discussion on activism and political performance at the Lens Politica film festival in Helsinki, November 2005.
Systerskapets År/The Year of Sisterhood
Screening and talk with the artists Asa Elzen and Sonja Hedstrand about their project The Year of Sisterhood; an nine hour film documentary on the third wave feminism in Stockholm over the period of one year. The screening and talk was held at Rooseum in Malmö, October 2005.
New Queer Cinema
A two day film program on New Queer Cinema; a term created in the beginning 90th to describe a new wave of american low budget film with a clear homosexual theme, produced in the aftermath of the AIDS crisis as well as the conservative Reagan administration of the 80th. The screening was held at Rooseum in Malmö in August 2005.

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